Andrea Bocelli, Opera & the Italian Language

As the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards are upon us (Jan 26, 5pm PM/8pm ET) and we all look forward to our favorite artists and the grand performances, I am drawn to Latino and international crossover artists who make it into mainstream.   I hope first-ever artist nominees like Andrea Bocelli win. Especially since most recently I have been submerged into the world of Italian language thanks to my work with the Italian Language Foundation (ILF). I am appreciating the influence he has with his fans and the draw his music has worldwide as a classical and opera singer.  And while there is much discussion by true opera aficionados on what makes an opera singer, this first ever opera nomination and win will prove just how much Andrea Bocelli’s classical music is loved worldwide.

But here’s something more important than all of these musical musings, the Italian language has had a historical influence in the world of music particularly in the world of opera.  Musical scores are presented in the Italian language. So as you watch the Grammys and root for your favorite artists and watch the spectacular Grammy performances, remember they have all glanced at musical Italian-named notes like Legato, Staccato and Tenuto to arrive at their prized nomination.  And here at the ILF, we will be rooting for Andrea Bocelli to win and for our AP Italian students to feel encouraged by what Italian studies can do for their future and our world.  

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