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We will be creating Task Forces across the United States that will combine the efforts of teachers and advocates of Italian language and culture, including members of our affiliated organizations. These Task Forces will be organized by geographical area and school district and will involved a representative of the Republic of Italy’s consular jurisdiction for that state.

These Task Forces will only be effective with the participation of dedicated advocates of Italian language and culture education for students at the middle and high school levels.

As a member of a Task Force, your mission will include:

  1. To report on the status of the AP Italian in the schools within your district or geographical area.
  2. To help establish AP Italian in high schools not currently offering such programs
  3. To advocate for the establishment of middle and high school Italian language classes in schools within your district or geographical area.

You will be assisted in these tasks by a member of one of our affiliated organizations and / or a representative of the Republic of Italy’s consular jurisdiction in your area. This will be a team effort, and you will have all the assistance you need to advocate for Italian language education.

Together, we can create a vibrant environment for Italian language learning throughout the USA . Please join us in this vital effort!


To volunteer, please submit the following information in the following format – for the sake of uniformity and organization – to

  1. Your contact information: name, e-mail address, street address, and phone number.
  2. The name of the school district(s) in your area, including the name of the town or city, state, and the zip code(s).
  3. Affiliation: please let us know whether you are a member or are affiliated with any of our associated organizations, including AATI, Columbus Citizens Foundation, NIAF, OSIA, and UNICO, or others.
  4. Please let us know if you are a teacher.
  5. Please let us know the primary targets for our advocacy in your area.
Teachers: please stay tuned for exciting professional development opportunities.

Your commitment to Italian language education is sincerely appreciated!

Grazie mille e sempre avanti!

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