You Don’t Have To Be Italian to Love Italian Language and Culture!

I love advancement, especially Latino advancement and every opportunity that affords you the ability to learn & succeed, I say do it! And that’s exactly what Latino high school students are doing (26% per @College Board), studying the Advanced Placement (AP) Italian Language and Culture Course and the numbers continue to grow. And the Italian Language Foundation (ILF) is doing everything they can to support these youngsters.

If you are Latino, stand and applaud these students who are on their way, preparing to become a part of a U.S. based global workforce.  If you are of Italian heritage, take a bow because as Italian language grows through non-Italians, so does the love for Italian culture and its influence within the U.S. economy. Together as Americans, let’s scream and shout, thanks to these students global diversity is real and happening.  These youth, by choosing to study Italian are preparing themselves for college, broadening their horizons and breaking cultural barriers and stigmas.

And please take a moment to thank the Italian Language Foundation, which through their advocacy continue to work ardently to ensure the Italian language (both Italian courses and AP Italian) continues to be offered within public high schools nationwide.  By providing scholarships and resources to students, ILF is growing the amore for Italian studies; And by providing professional development to teachers of Italian, we are ensuring this lingua appassionata is not lost and its culture continues to thrive to benefit Italians, Latinos and all Americans.

And you can help spread the word to parents, teachers, students and schools…

Tell them, I support studi di lingua italiana (Italian language studies)!

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